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About Us

At Pro Kitchen Wraps we are fascinated with the wrapping process. We have mastered a very cost effective way to give the illusion of a brand new kitchen. If you would like a totally new look to your kitchen but don't want to spend thousands then simply contact the vinyl wrap experts at Colour Code Wraps.

We started as a one man business who seen the undeniable benefits from using this unique method. We have been very busy since day one. Now with years of experience in the industry, we have loads of cost effective solutions for revamping your property.

We will price everything up for you free of charge and book you in for a date and time that suits you.

A full kitchen is completed inside 1-3 days and makes no mess.

We cover all parts of the kitchen the customer wants covered where as replacing the drawers and doors would leave the highlighted areas illustrated below still the original colour.

We take on any challenge. We provide a service that aims to transform the look of almost anything. From full kitchen colour transformations to car interior wraps and reception desk refurbishment. The possibilities are endless. See our services page for a list of just some of the things we can colour code.

Replacing kitchen cabinet doors and drawers will cost up to 500% more and will leave these highlighted areas in the original colour or finish.

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